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Fancy browsing through GPC Online or the GPC app for free?
That will give you access to a dictionary corresponding to the Oxford English Dictionary.
GPC is a massive work consisting of over 4,000 pages, totalling over nine million words, and almost half a million illustrative quotations.

  • GPC Ap screenshotLooking for the meanings and origins of words? The definitions in GPC are in Welsh followed by English synonyms. It gives quotations showing how a word was used over the centuries, and indicates where the word came from.
  • Need to decipher a phrase or expression? Expressions such as ‘ar gefn ei geffyl’ and common word combinations containing a searched word are listed.
  • Dealing with technical stuff? The dictionary already contains a number of technical terms and this will increase as more words are regularly added.
  • Can’t think of the Welsh word? One of the great advantages of the electronic version is that you can type in an English word and see a list of corresponding Welsh words.
  • Can’t spell a word? If the word you typed in is not found, you will be offered a list of similar words.
  • Are mutations a problem? You can type any of the mutated forms of a word into the search box and you will be directed to the relevant entry.

GPC is regarded as an authority on word spelling, plural forms, word gender, etc. All the information in the Dictionary is based on a corpus of real life examples.
Several times a year hundreds of new entries and updated versions of older entries are published.
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Twitter: where ‘Word of the Day’ appears, and where you may comment or ask questions.

GPC Online is available free of charge on the Internet ( and you can download all the Dictionary data onto your phone or tabled (Apple or Android) so that you do not need Internet connection to use it.
GPC app iconThe app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play.
Once you have downloaded the app you can also download the data: tap Link to main page and select ‘Settings’, ‘Database’ GPC App settings screenshot and ‘Local database (full)’, and follow the instructions.
In total it takes up about 200MB and can be used at any time.
The app also contains a couple of games to help you revise words you have searched recently.

Any problems? Go to App Support or you can contact us at

To see how the GPC App and GPC Online can help you click here (Welsh version only).