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Android & iOS apps for GPC

We are delighted to be able to offer these apps giving people fingertip access to the wealth of knowledge and information contained within the GPC dictionary.

Users can make use of the apps powerful search capability to find the answer to their query at any time and wherever they happen to be.

Although the default setting accesses the dictionary database online, either via WiFi or the phone’s cellular data connection, users have the option (through the Settings) of downloading the database to their gadget for those times when they may have no Internet connection or simply don’t want to eat into their data allowance.
It’s worth remembering to download the database afresh every couple of months or so to keep abreast of newly released words.

We are hoping that with the release of this app we can make this prestigous work easily available, not only to a whole new generation but, to a much broader demographic than was previously possible.


You can download the Android version of the app from Google Play or the iOS version from iTunes by clicking on the appropriate icon below –
Click this button to go to the download pageClick here to download from iTunes
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Short description:

Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru: A Dictionary of the Welsh Language is the Welsh-language equivalent of the Oxford English Dictionary. In contrast with GPC Online (, you can download the entire contents of the Dictionary to your device so it can be used offline. Every word is defined in Welsh with English synonyms and illustrative quotations, together with the word’s etymology, and grammatical information such as the gender and plurals of nouns.

Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru is the largest Welsh dictionary with
– 124,500 headwords
– 7,150 variant forms
– 34,400 collocations (phrases)
– 475,000 illustrative quotations with source references
– over 60,000 cross-references
The headwords, variant forms, and collocations are searchable by word or phrase. Accents, numerals, and apostrophes are ignored to simplify input – instead all matches are listed for you to choose from.
Fuzzy searching: If the app fails to find the word you are searching for it will suggest similar words.
The app searches automatically for mutated forms in order to find additional results.
You can use wildcards (‘*’, ‘?’, ‘+’).
You can search the English synonyms, using the same wildcards.
You can use the app online, with no data downloaded. Alternatively you can download all the data (about 185MB) via WiFi and use it offline. If you don’t have enough room on your device, you can download the data without the quotations (which takes about 132MB).
The app contains two simple word games – an anagram game and a hidden-word game – with clues based on the definitions in the Dictionary. The selection of words can be confined to your recent searches – particularly useful for learners to practice new vocabulary.
There is a ‘Help’ section to answer frequently asked questions and to supply further information.
Developed with the financial assistance of the Welsh Government.


For more information and answers to FAQ’s please click here or on the App Support link in the menu on the right.

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