15 May 2023

New Dictionary Staff 2022

In November 2022 the Dictionary welcomed two new members of staff, Dr Talat Chaudhri and Morgan Owen, as Assistant Editors.

A photo of new GPC staff in 2022

New dictionary staff 2022

Talat Chaudhri is a historical linguist and technologist. His research area is the early development of the Brittonic languages, in particular how phonological change drives the development of morphology and syntax. He has worked in areas such as metadata and information management, especially research information in the higher education sector. He is particularly interested in Cornish, the subject of his PhD, and in Breton. He is a member of the Welsh Government’s Commission for Welsh-language Communities since 2022 specialising in local government, inclusion and equality, and in minority languages.

Morgan Owen is a poet and a writer. He has published two volumes of poetry, one of which, moroedd/dŵr, won the Michael Marks Award for Poetry in a Celtic Language. He has a BA in Welsh and an MA in Welsh and Celtic Studies from Cardiff University. He has a background in translation, as a Full Member of Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru, and also in Welsh language rights.

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